Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blog #8

I would have to say that from beginning to (almost) the end I had quite a bit a trouble.  at first the topic seemed kind of hard to me it was hard for me to sit down and actually begin.  The reason for that is because I did not really like the topic....I mean I love twilight and all that but I just found it hard to explain how it has changed science fiction and how it has made it more popular.  But when I actually made myself do it, I think that I did pretty good and I think that my ideas and points ended up being good points to my argument.  Of course when my mom read it she wanted me to re write the whole thing like she wants me to do with all my other papers... I do not know why I let her read them when I already know what she is going to say.  But I guess she is just looking out for me.  What went well for me was being able to find a lot of information on my topic after I started researching I started getting more into it because I ended up learning a lot of neat stuff.  My topic interested me, it was just how I wanted to put it into words that really scared me and gave me difficulties.  One of the things that I caught myself doing was that I would go back and re read and I ended up adding more things to the paper which is good on my behalf.  I still think that I will probably keep adding until i turn it in.  One problem that I had was that I would get side tracked because I would start reading things about Twilight that did not even pertain to my paper.  I had to stop though if I wanted to finish.

Blog #7

  When I think of humor, Jim Carrey does come to mind.  He is a funny man though not a lot of people find him funny, I usually do.  I like to watch Cat Williams sometimes because he is probably one of the few stand up comedians that could make me laugh out loud.  But i dont always have to laugh out loud when something is funny.  The article about the cocaine dealer was pretty funny, it was more like " i can not believe he did that kind of funny."  Now when it comes to style I really do not know.  I do not know who Jane Seymour or Sean Connery is but they probably have their own unique different kind of style.  I would say that I have my own style on how I write my papers.  I mean it is not the best but it works for me and how I understand things.  I try and get my readers to think and picture what they are reading.  My style of writing though may cofuse some readers.  Everyone has a voice when it comes to the person writing their paper and not everyone is the same so of course the way they go about VOICING differs from one student to the other.  I tend to ask a lot of questions and try and find a connection with the audience.  Usually when you have a connection with the audience then it would be more likely that they keep reading your paper or listen to you if you were giving a oral report. 


Blog #6

  The Critical Analysis was a little difficult for me.  As I was watching the movie I was really trying to analyze it and the whole time it was on I was thinking on how I was going to write the paper.  I also believe that I am not really that good of a critic.  Depending on the movies, I tend to misinterpret the plot or the characters.  Like I said it depends because other times I could be dead on with whats going or what is going to happen. After the movie then I began to write the paper.  It was pretty crazy because at one point I was questioning if what I was writing actually made sense and went along with the movie. which i knew it was but the whole time I was worried if ms. Peters would like or even understand what I was trying to say. Well I guess it was not too bad because I ended up getting a C.  I mean that is still bad I could have done way better.  What I liked about the assignment is that we got to watch a movie and analyze it.  I also like writing about it but the part I disliked was that I kept getting stuck with my ideas and thoughts.  If I were to go back and change a few things it would be my main points, I do not think I gave as much detail or support as I should have.  I could have explained my ideas a little more.  I would not go back and change anything I would just go back and make it better.  I think that I would go back and make my intro and conclusion a little stronger than it was but other than that just try and make my paper better as a whole. 





Blog #3

  I can say that for sure I do not like working in groups.  If I were in a group project I'm usually not the one to speak up and take leadership.  I usually just give ideas and go along with the others ideas even if I do not agree with it.  Which in some cases is not very good because then the group totally fails.  Sometimes I feel that if I were to speak up or take charge then the group would have been better off.  That is how I felt about a group project that we had to do for Intro to Communications.  Group assignments are not my favorite what so ever but I have to put that behind me if I want to move forward.  My excuse is that I can not find the time in my busy schedule, I am slowly learning how to make time.  I would also say that I was not as prepared at all when it came to this assugnment.  After the first class I ended returning both books because that was my understanding but I soon learned that Mz. Peters was just talking about the Norton book.  I think selective hearing would come into play on this one because all I was thinking about was all that cash coming back into my pocket. For the future I know that I need to be better prepared and if in the future I have a group assignment which I most likely will, I need to have a clear head and be prepared and just make sure that I an giving my 100% to the group.





Blog #3

For this entry, I would like you to reflect upon what you learned about yourself, as a writer, while working on the informal summary (this is the one you wrote as a group). Think deeply! You may have learned that you are a leader in a group. You may have learned that you don't like to write with a group of people. You may have found that you are a better or less competent student than you thought you were. You may have realized that you were not as prepared as you would have liked to have been.

If I knew that this were true ... no. Just joking. Remember -- no stress on these reflections! Honesty is (sometimes) the best policy.

Blog #2

           The diagnostic essay in class was not hard but it was not easy either.  The topic was a good one and you could easily pick certain points that you wanted to elaborate on.  Now the hard part for me is that I know exactly what I want to say but when it comes to writing it, it does not sound as good as it did in my head.  Also I tend to go a little off subject at times and then my readers get lost with what I am saying.  But at the end I think my paper came out decent.  One thing that I would have done differently is that I would have made a thinking web or an outline.  Those seem to help me a little more.  I would probably keep my point of the paper the same. 
           Do I enjoy writing?  It depends.......I guess.  I do not mind it.  I do enjoy writing if it is a subject that I really like or one that I feel strongly about.  If it is a subject that I do not like or if I find it to be kind of hard then I will probably put off that paper.  Which is really bad because when I actually start writitng it then I realize it was not as bad as I thought.  I think that there really isnt anything out there that will make someone like writing more.  It all depends on the person.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Blog #4 Research Paper Free Write

Well I really like to read the newspaper,  I get the Beacon news everyday and  I like to know whats going on in my community and surrounding cites.  Things I read I also like to share and discuss.  I mostly like to discuss what I read with my husband.  I always like to get an extra opinion or thought about a certain subject or whats going on in this crazy world. 
 The only tv shows that interest me are teen mom and vampire diaries.  These are the only shows that I watch on TV.  Other than that I dont really watch television.  The reason I watch teen mom is because it amazes me how some of these young girls deal with situations in their everyday lives.  Teen pregnancy is becoming more popular and working in the medical field I see alot of 14-16 year olds getting pregnant now and I worry for them.  As for Vampire Diaries, I LOVE THAT SHOW.....Im hooked on it.  I read all the Twilight series and I love how mysterious they (vampires) are.  Of course my husband hates it and prefers I watch the show when hes not there.  Another interest of mine would be music, its like a stress relief for any emotion that you are feeling.  Another reason why i really like music is because it involves dancing and since i was little, that has always been my favorite past time.  My husband was also a DJ for quite some time so that really played a big role in music and dance and the new music that Im into now.
I also really enjoy spending time with my husband and my baby.  I enjoy every second that I can because my schedule is so hectic and to the point that any extra time is very valuable to me.  Family is really important to me and just last week I was having MANY family issues (in laws) that I didn't even know how to deal with and had a serious break down. Things are a little better.  But I guess crap like this just makes bonds stronger.  Who knows we'll find out.